Friday, August 1, 2008

Visiting Mandalay

Me and two other friends left Yangon around 7:00 am yesterday for
Mandalay. We were lucky enough to use half-finished Yangon-Pyinmana
Express way although it was not officially opened. We drove 120-140
kmh and odometer alarm was constantly ringing. It supposed to take
only 4 hours to get to Pyinmana, however, we had our tire bust, car
jack did not work, and spare tire was flat. Another fellow traveller
helped us with their car jack and left manual air pump to inflate our
spare tire. A tiny tire repair workshop for heavy machineries working
for the Express way helped us fixed spare tire.

Then, we reached our new capital at 2:00 pm. It is massive with new
buildings and a web of relatively empty concrete roads. 24 hours
electricty made restaurant and hotel elegant. We had lunch in YKKO in
the city, replaced new tire and continued our journey to the North.

Pyinama to Mandalay road was fine and journey was uneventful. We
arrived Mandalay at 8:30 pm.