Thursday, September 18, 2008

Similar Yet Different ... Why?

Both countries were hit by tropical cyclones of similar strength in the same year. Yet, outcomes were quite different. Why?

(3)Wind Speed at Landfall135 mph110 mph
(4)Size (widest diameter)90 miles500 miles (about the size of Myanmar)
(5)Category at Landfall32
(6)Formation Date27 April 20081 September 2008
(7)Landfall Date2 May 200813 September 2008
(8)Population Affected7.4 million47.8 million
(9)Damage & Loss$ 4 billion$ 29.5 billion
(10)Damage & Loss (% of GDP)6%0.2%
(12)Fatality Rate (per million)18,9181


US Census Bureau
US Bureau of Economic Analysis

Foot note:
Hurricane Ike hit many other countries before it reached the US, however, this comparison looked at the Hurricane's strength and impact on the US only.

Estimate of population affected was based on population in the county and state that declared state of emergency and reported damage due to hurricane.