Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back Home

I got back home safely. Didn't have time to use internet in the first 24 hours. Now, online again. Busy with volunteer work. Will update more later.



စိုးထက္ - Soe Htet ! said...


ဂ်စ္တူး - gyit_tu said...

ြGood to know that u got home safely, ko yemon.

Good luck with ur volunteer work.

pandora said...

Great!good luck. keep in touch.

wei said...

glad 2 hear frm u..!
hope voluntery work will go smoothly and fruitfully!

take care..and do keep in touch with the readers!

April said...

Welcome back from MM. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Ko ye mon
r u done with your PhD study in the states yet? i haven't read your blog for a while and suddenly, saw you are going home. wish fir the best.

NN said...

Congratulations for finishing up with the PhD. :)