Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

by Nick Vujicic

This is the video that touched me at the very core of my heart.


Anonymous said...

Really hits my heart.

Ye-Mon said...

>> Anonymous
Inspiring. Isn't it? You can find out more on YouTube and from his official website:

ေရႊဂ်မ္း said...

very touching...Thanks for sharing.

Karaweik ကရဝိတ္ 妙声鸟 Alvin (Sumedha) said...

Thanks for sharing this with all. I have seen his YouTube videos just a month ago and planned to share this on my own blog later... but you beat me to it :)

Yes, we should count our blessings and be inspired by people who brave life through with lesser blessings. What's more, it would be good for us to use our blessed position to help make this world a harmonious and healthier place to live.

Let life be beautiful!

Ye-Mon said...

>> ေရႊဂ်မ္း
you are welcome

>> Ko Alvin
:) we were thinking along the same line. It is true that we need to be appreciative of what we already have.