Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cost of Going Green

"Go Green" . A nice and desirable buzz word. But, nothing comes for free. I was summoned to get my car tested for emission. It is required in Maryland that cars do not emit harmful gases more than the limit.

Even the top notch and brand new car engines still emit those harmful gases in excess of the state required level. So, another instrument called catalytic converter is installed in the exhaust system to purify the dirts exhaled from the engine.

My car's catalytic converter has worn out and I had to replace it together with part of the exhaust system. The initial estimate from a Toyota-recognized garage was $ 3300 - almost the price that I paid for the car. Luckily, I found another garage that could fix the thing with $ 800. Still it is about the 20% of the price of the car.

This is ridiculous. There should be cheaper ways to go green. Or else, not many people could ever afford it. Shall we just use our foot to go green?


Anonymous said...

Otherwise, try to use Solar Cell Car or Bio-diessel such Physic Nut Oil like here in Myanmar to reduce the gas.

Ye-Mon said...

Ko SMAung,
let's grow some Physic Nut, then. or, alternatively, we could just hike.