Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Cherry Picking

I am playing with Picasa 2.0 to collage pictures and thought that you might like to see this. These pictures were taken during the summer of 2005. Some of my friends from the school of public health organized this cherry picking trip. We drove about 15 miles north of Baltimore to reach that farm.

It was exciting and fun. There were two different kinds of cherries; sweet & sour. Darkish red were sweet and bright red were sour, if I remember correctly. Can you guess how sweet were the cherries that I picked? Yea, they were as sweet as my smiles. :p

We were given a bucket each to collect cherries and had to pay by weight. One good thing was they did not weigh us when we got into the farm. So, they had no idea how much cherries we ate while we were picking them. A good hint for you guys/gals to consider if you ever go to cherry picking.

On our way back, the driver of our car made a sudden left turn (the cars drive on the same side of the road as in Yangon) and we were almost hit by a car from incoming traffic. Luckily, nothing serious happened except the lady driver from the other car almost got a heart attack.

That's all for cherry picking. Next time I will probably talk about wine tasting.
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tune said...
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dilo bear said...

u sure is a lucky to pick cheery..from its Tree!
i hav not even seen a cheery tree much less picking them!
here in sg, fake ones- - those yucky smelly preserved ones usually found on the cake are common..the real fruit wod cost a bomb..and usuali need time to pick them from the big pile!!
post more of it ..will u? :D advance..

btw.sori for d mistanken id!
i always tot u r a gal..hehe..until a fren told me..opsi