Friday, December 22, 2006


"Hey yo... Haircut is something not to blog"

"Well ... I don't know what to write ... so ... "

One afternoon in December I called my Barber and made an appointment. (fyi. No appointment no haircut.) I should have gone earlier since my last haircut was more than 3 months ago. Almost all the friends from school winked at my long and bulky hair. Some close ones were telling me straight that I should go to Barber shop.

Oh. I should tell you about one of my many nick names. "Karly Kauk" given by my naughty highschool friends. Yea, when my hair get longer, it becomes like ar-tar-pu-se. That's how I got a peculiar nickname in highschool.

Ok, let's get back to my recent haircuts. My last one was in Singapore at a Burmese salon. You may ask why didn't I cut my hair when I was in Yangon. I was too busy hanging out with friends and totally forgot to cut my hair. Why am I making a big deal out of haircut? Well, it is expensive here in the US. So, I should have budgeted wisely by cutting hair when I was in Yangon. Anyway, it was nice in Singapore. The salon was like the usual ones in Yangon.

I have a tendency to go to the same Barber as much as I could. In Myanmar, I had only changed four barbers in my life time. They were all linked to my family moving from one place to the next.

This habit hasn't changed much, and I go to Tenpachi every time I need a haircut since I first came to Baltimore in 2002. A cheap (to the US standard), but, nice one that targets poor university students. The price used to be $ 10 in 2002, however, it is $ 13 now. Inflation! It is everywhere. This small cozy salon is in a place called Hopkins square - a place Hopkins student like to hang out. There is a cafe, a post-office, photocopy, a stationary shop, a restaurant, and a sandwich shop. It is much like Hle-dan of Yangon except the fact that it doesn't have wet-thar-dote-htoe. There even are outdoor chairs & tables set up during summer. No. You definitely don't want to sit outside at this time of the year.

Tenpachi has only 3-4 chairs for haircut and one reclining chair for shampoo. Strangely enough, they shampoo hair before cutting it. Anyway, they are the fastest of all my barbers. It took less than 15 minutes to finish my hair. This time my hair got cut pretty short. So, I won't need to go there for another 3 months.

I am counting my time in Baltimore and the unit I use is "Barber visit". Thus, I told myself that I will be home after next 4-5 visits to Tenpachi.


April said...

Your writing is so good that I can't help reading your blog.

Ye-Mon said...

Thanks. I am flattered. But, glad you enjoyed reading it.