Friday, February 2, 2007

Wanna Read in Burmese?

Do you know that you can read my blogs written in Burmese without having Burmese font in your computer?

What is your internet browser? If the answer is

  • IE (Internet Explorer), then no problem, you should see this without doing anything.
  • Mozilla Firefox, you will need to install Zawgyi-One font in your computer.
  • Don't know, please look at the top most bar of the current window that you are opening and read what it says. You should have a clue from it.
Known Issues:
  • Sometimes, although you are using IE, you would only see squares instead of Burmese. This could be due to two reasons; first, you were using "freedom software" or similar proxy software, second, your computer network does not support "instant interpreting" function that I am using (firewall setting is too much restrictive).
Solutions to known issues:
  • If it was due to the first reason, simply turn off "freedom software", then, you should be ok. (or)
  • If it was due to the second reason, just kick the -ss of your IT person and let him/her fix the problem. (just kidding, don't do this unless you want a new job) (or)
  • For any reason, install Zawgyi-One font in your computer.
Issues that could arise from trying out the solutions:
  • Loose your job because you kicked the -ss of your IT person.
  • You have to challenge the senior management in order to reduce the unnecessary firewalls.
  • Downloading Zawgyi-One font takes a long time.
Solutions to above issues:
  • Easy way, learn how to read Burmese font in squares. :p
  • Surf away from this blog and send an flame email to the blogger. (you will loose the chance to read blogs with different flavors)
If you choose to install Zawgyi-One font
Enjoy reading Burmese.

Disclaimer: these are all suggestions. You may try them with your own risk. This blogger doesn't take any responsibility should you have an unintended direct effect or consequence that may arise from trying out solutions being mentioned herein.


Anonymous said...

I have only one Myanmar2.ttf font that meets the anticipated changes of Burmese Unicode standards. With that I can view others built with
Padauk Open Type font from one is available thru YangonCity Radio toolbar.These are the only two good ones for keeping it.Soon I am dropping off Myanmar2.ttf as Padauk OT has far better display and used by Mozilla Org for testing all its browsers before their official release.
It is recommended to have one Burmese Unicode font in one computer as Windows unable to pick the correct one if Burmese pseudo fonts- like the one used in this web page, Gawkgyi,Mandaly,Myazedi,UniBurma,BIT,MyMyanmar,
Myanmar1,PonNya,AlphaGawgyi etc.
Get rid of those faked fonts and keep one of the best
i.e. Padauk OT.
Grab that font and with Microsoft support file for all Windows to display Burmese characters correctly thru this

Anonymous said...


April said...

Hey Ko Ye Mon,
I'm waiting for your new post.

Ye-Mon said...

Thanks for the feedback regarding true blue Myanmar Unicode. I would look into this issue.

Regarding posting comments in Burmese, it doesn't work in this blog. So, you should better post your comment(s) in English.

Thanks April for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

You are ignorant.It works in your comment
ka-la-thar-lat-bar written with Myanmar2 font and in Burmese .
If you browser does not display that comment in Burmese, you should check your browser is Burmese unicode-complaint by visiting
If your browser IE is configured to use PadaukOT font correctly, web page written with alphazawgyi font is displayed correctly too.